Impressions: Noto, Sicily


Warm hues and rich textures turn the city of Noto into a mesmerising show of monochromatic opulence. The town is small but feels grand; it's part of a circuit of Baroque architectural gems that make so much of this side of Sicily. Stop for a stroll on your way to some bigger destinations ––Syracuse, perhaps, or Taormina. Better still, spend a night. Enjoy the sight of the streetlights reflecting on the ochre walls of the main piazza on the way to dinner. And fall for Caffé Sicilia's granita with brioscia for breakfast the following morning. 

Noto - (c) Valeria Necchio-5.jpg
Noto - (c) Valeria Necchio-4.jpg
Noto - (c) Valeria Necchio-2-2.jpg
Noto - (c) Valeria Necchio-3-2.jpg